Attendance Tracking Set-up 90% Faster at 1/4 the Cost

Toronto International Film Festival Group


Company Logo - Toronto International Film Festival Group

Products: scanners and software

Customer: Toronto International Film Festival Group (TIFFG)

Application: Tracking of attendance at Press and Industry Film Screenings, and Order Processing for Guest Orders

Toronto International Film Festival Group (TIFFG) presents an annual public film festival which includes Press and Industry film screenings.


Solution Tool: handheld mobile laser barcode scanners. ScanChamp® ScanReader Flow software.


Business Situation: Attendance tracking at TIFF08 Press and Industry film screenings and processing guest orders.


Solution: Attendees have badges with barcodes. Barcodes on badges are scanned as participants enter a screening room. Attendees barely need to pause as they enter the screenings, which provides a better experience for them and speeds up process compared to before the system was implemented.


Scans are stored in the scanner memory. After scanning is complete, scans are downloaded from the memory of scanner(s) directly into a spreadsheet for review and then imported into box office system to generate attendance reports which included all the attendees' related information. Reports were then either emailed or could be pulled on demand by various stakeholders.



  • Reduced cost (25% of system used in previous year)

  • Reducing setup and maintenance time by about 90%

  • Scanning speed over 300% faster than the previous system

  • Improved attendee satisfaction


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Grant Te Brugge
Director Information Technology Services
Toronto International Film Festival Group