FAQs For BlueSnap Adapters

This is an issue with the host device not handling keyboard input (this is how data is sent to the host device in Bluetooth HID mode) fast enough. This is always a risk when using Bluetooth HID, and this issue is known to exist on all iOS and Android HID devices. Configuring the device attached to the BlueSnap Standard to send data at slower intervals could help resolve this. Alternatively, you can switch the Bluetooth SPP (if your application supports it) or switch the BlueSnap Smart and use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).
The BlueSnap SPP-KEY bridge connects any Bluetooth SPP device to iOS handhelds, allowing data to be posted to cursor location of ANY iOS app. The only requirement to connect a Bluetooth SPP device to the iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) using the BlueSnap Bridge is the Bluetooth device needs to send text/number data that can be typed on a regular keyboard (ASCII values). This solution also works with Macs, PCs, Linux computers and more.
BlueSnap dongles are used to Bluetooth enable RS-232 devices. BlueSnap dongles are available in 9-pin male or female connections. These units are also available in battery powered (two AAA batteries - rechargeable or alkaline) or externally powered modules. BlueSnap Standard units are compatible with Serial Port Profile (SPP) or Human Interface Device (HID) configurations and BlueSnap Smart units are compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE). Please note HID modules are able to send data to iOS devices but can not receive data from the iOS device.