FAQs For SerialMagic Gears

Your device ID is an alphanumeric code generated by our software that is unique to your computer or mobile device; it is how we keep track of registration keys and licensing. The knowledge base articles below demonstrate how to find your device ID. SerialMagic Professional for Windows SerialMagic Gears for Android iScanBrowser for Android
SDM is short for Serial Device Manager (sometimes referred to as "device manager"). The Serial Device Manager is a component of Serialio's applications for Android and iOS that allows you to connect to and manage multiple Bluetooth devices. Most of the time, when you see "SDM" in our documentation, we are referring to the Android SDM. The user interface for the SDM on Android is different from the user interface on iOS, but both implementations of the SDM offer similar core features. Interested in our SDM? Click here for our libraries.
There are a couple of reasons why you aren't seeing the scans appear in your application.  Some of the more common reasons include: The scanner is disconnected. The scanner is out-of-range. SerialMagic Keys is not enabled. SerialMagic Keys is not the default keyboard. Other less common reasons include: The barcode or RFID tag you scanned is not supported (or is supported, but not enabled) by the scanner you are using. There is something wrong with the scanner. There is a problem with SerialMagic Gears. There is a problem with your phone or tablet. You found a bug.…