What can I do with SerialMagic Keys?

The applications of using SerialMagic Keys are endless. Here are a few examples.

  • Seamlessly integrate iAP and BLE devices (such as barcode scanners, RFID reader/writers, and various serial modules) into your iOS workflow, simply by switching your keyboard to SerialMagic Keys.
  • Read HID Corporate 1000 cards, Seos access control and BLE credentials into high-security applications with the idChamp RS4.
  • Read and write NDEF data using the idChamp RS4.
  • Read and write EPC and User Data with RFID scanners like the Scanfob Ultra-BB2, Scanfob NFC-BB2, idChamp 1128, and idChamp 1862.
  • Measure distances with the Leica Distro E700i (and similar models) and post the measurements to any application as keystrokes.
  • Use adapters like the BlueSnap Smart RS-232 to BLE dongle to take data from virtually any RS-232 device and post it to your applications.