Which scanners support which Bluetooth modes?

The chart below shows which scanners support which Bluetooth modes. An "x" indicates that the scanner has support for that mode.

Scanfob 2006 x x x  
Scanfob 4000i   x x x
Scanfob 4000n   x x  
Scanfob 3002i   x x x
KDC20   x x  
KDC20i   x x x
KDC100   x x x
KDC200   x x x
KDC300   x x x
Scanfob qID   x x  
Scanfob qID (iAP model)   x x x
Scanfob Ultra/NFC BB2   x x  
Scanfob Ultra/NFC BB2i   x x x
Scanfob Ultra/NFC BB2e x      
idChamp RS3 HSE x x x  
idChamp RS3 HS   x x  
idChamp RS3 LE x      
idChamp RS4 x      
idChamp NF2 x