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Java SerialPort - World's Best Serial Port Java Developer Tool

The Power to Access Serial Devices Anywhere, On or Off the Internet!

SerialPort is the worlds first, and still foremost Java product for serial ports. SerialPort provides highly flexible control of serial ports from your Java application.SerialPort is a high-performance class that also provides low-level serial port control. If your device plugs into a serial port - on or off the Internet - it is almost certain that you can use SerialPort to communicate with it.

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Unmatched Speed and Functionality

A Visionary API - Backed By Expert Support

SerialPort was shipping over a full year before Sun Microsystems announced the first beta of javax.comm.SerialPort. The SerialPort package also provides javax.comm.SerialPort on more platforms than any company in the world. Use the superior SerialPort API directly, or use javax.comm.SerialPort. And it works with Java Web Start Technology (at last report Sun's implementation did not)

We won't leave you cold either; we provide examples complete with Java source code. Our JavaTerm program is a powerful serial tool that you can use on any platform supported by SerialPort.

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SerialPort FAQ


To implement applet support you must create a 'trusted' applet. If you're interested in creating trusted applets, ask about our Termlet Package which has source code for our Termlet demo, and detailed instructions on how it was built. Note: you need Netscape Communicator 4.04 or later with the Java 1.1 patch to have full JNI support on Communicator. You use with Internet Explorer you need the MSVM with JNI support (the Java support option with IE5 provides this, there is also a VM upgrade for IE4).

The Comm API

Sun has said that the Comm API provides a Java extension API that allows applications that use the Comm API to be certified as 100% pure. Implementations of the the Comm API are not 100% pure, meaning the Comm API implementations from Sun are not 100% pure. This is an unfortunate confusion since many people tend to think if it comes from Sun it is 100% pure. In summary, applications that use implementations of the Comm API may at some future time be capable of being labeled 100% pure. As far as we know, Sun has not yet provided the specs for testing to KeyLabs (the company that does 100% Java certification) meaning that applications using the Comm API are not 100% pure.

All SerialPort packages (except Lite versions) provide support for our javax.comm.SerialPort implementation of the Java Comm API. Our implementation of the Comm API was done entirely using the SerialPort API (a testament to the power and flexibility of SerialPort).