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Download API / SDK - Serial Device Manager (SDM)

Most app developers experience the same challenges when building apps: technology issues occur, features tend to be more complicated than originally thought, everything takes longer than expected, and sometimes the app can fall short of customer expectations.

Bypass all of that hassle by joining the Serialio software developer program. By joining, you will get access to  APIs, SDKs, and expert developer assistance. Use our APIs to integrate our products, like the idChamp® NF4 Wireless Badge Reader-Writer, idChamp® RS4, idChamp® RS3, and the Scanfob® Ultra-BB2 UHF Reader-Writer, BlueSnap M6A, quickly using SDKs for common languages and platforms.

Please complete the form to apply for our software developer program and communicate with a solutions specialist.  Your privacy is important to us – will not share your information with anyone else.