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BlueSnap M6A wireless RS-232 serial dongle now has a model that works with 5V to 12V input. Connect legacy RS232 RFID, NFC, Barcode readers, scales, sensors, calipers, and more to  iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows 10 and power the BlueSnap from up to 12V input.
SerialMagic Professional on Windows 10 supports posting Transact Campus PR5000 NFC readings as keystrokes to any application.
How do you easily connect to specific wireless Bluetooth device when there are many in same area? When many wireless devices are in the same vicinity, use the Serial Device Manager (SDM) libraries and the iPhone built-in NFC reader to instantly connect to the exact specific device. Here the DEX Download app on iPhone-11 is incorporates the SDM libraries, and the "Connect via NFC" option enables you to simply hold the iPhone built-in NFC reader near the BlueSnap dongle, and get a wireless connection without guesswork or checking labels.  The wireless DEX session can then be done…
Suppose you have many active wireless devices, how do you determine which device you want to connect with? iScanBrowser (and other iOS & Android apps) provides the ability to make instant wireless connection to BlueSnap M6A wireless RS-232 serial adapter1 using the built-in NFC reader on iOS & Android phones. Once connected, RFID, Barcode, scale, caliper, sensor readings can be posted directly to webpages without any need to tap to get focus. 1BlueSnap M6A needs the NFC-Connect option
BlueSnap M6A enables wireless connectivity for iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), Android tablets & phones, Windows 10 Tablets & computers, MacOS devices, to connect Abbott CHOLESTECH LDX. Use the CHOLESTECH LDX LDX RS-232 Cable RJ12 to DB9-Female and plug in the BlueSnap M6A Male adapter. Use SDM (Serial Device Manager Libraries) to make native apps, or use Xamarin, React Native, Ionic/Cordova app development platform, contact for details.
idChamp DX1 durable, waterproof, wireless livestock and pet RFID reader/writer works with iOS, Android, Windows10, MacOS. Post RFID reads directly to cursor location on any app. Scripting possible for some platforms. Works with iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 14, iPhone 15,...  
Connect Ohaus Ranger 3000 scale to macOS devices like MacBookPro, Mac Mini, Mac Server, iMac, using BlueSnap M6A wireless serial dongle. BlueSnap dongle connects to Ranger scale's RS-232 port, with a wireless connection to MBP. SerialMagic Scripts (SMS) app connects MBP to the scale, SMS has shortcut defined to send get weight command, the weight is posted as keystrokes to any application that has keyboard focus, in this video OpenOffice Calc. SerialMagic Scripts (SMS) can connect multiple wireless Bluetooth and cabled devices simultaneously. In this example the scanfob® Ultra-BB2e reader…
Wireless enable Ohaus Defender 3000 scale's RS-232 port with BlueSnap M6A. Example video below shows Android Galaxy S6 Lite tablet posting weight readings from Defender 3000 scale via wireless connection. Tap SerialMagic Keys COMMAND KEY to post weight as keystrokes to cursor location on any Android app, this example shows posting weight to cursor location with iScanBrowser app and Android browser. iScanBrowser has powerful Web Form Rules (WFR) technology that post weights, measurements, RFID-NFC readings, barcode scans, and more, directly to the webpage and desired field without…
Connect Ohaus Defender 3000 scale wirelessly to iOS devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod-Touch using BlueSnap RS-232 serial dongle with DB9 connector. BlueSnap M6A dongle plugs to Ohaus scale RS-232 port, iPhone11 (iPhone12, iPhone13, iPhone14...) makes wireless connection to BlueSnap dongle with the SerialMagic Keys app. Weight is posted as keystrokes to any application that has keyboard focus. Press scale print button or tap the SerialMagic trigger key on iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch This example uses FileMaker Go app. Item is put on scale, trigger weight reading,…
Connect Ohaus Ranger 3000 scale to iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod-Touch using BlueSnap M6A wirelessly serial dongle. BlueSnap dongle connects to scale RS-232 port, with wireless connection to iPhone11. SerialMagic Keys app connects iPhone (iOS) to the scale, weight posted as keystrokes to any application that has keyboard focus. This example uses FileMaker Go app. Item is put on scale, press print button, weight posted via wireless connection to FileMaker app.  Works for ALL apps that take keyboard input, with Serial Device Manager (SDM) libraries, connect with…