BlueSnap M6A Wireless Connect Abbott CHOLESTECH LDX iOS, Android, MacOS, Win10

BlueSnap M6A enables wireless connectivity for iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), Android tablets & phones, Windows 10 Tablets & computers, MacOS devices, to connect Abbott CHOLESTECH LDX.

Cholestech LDX wireless connect iPad iPhone iPod Touch Android MacOS Windows10

Use the CHOLESTECH LDX LDX RS-232 Cable RJ12 to DB9-Female and plug in the BlueSnap M6A Male adapter.

Cholestech LDX RS-232 Serial Cable RJ12 to DB9 Female for BlueSnap M6A.jpg

Use SDM (Serial Device Manager Libraries) to make native apps, or use Xamarin, React Native, Ionic/Cordova app development platform, contact for details.

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