SerialMagic Professional on Windows 10 supports posting Transact Campus PR5000 NFC readings as keystrokes to any application.
How do you easily connect to specific wireless Bluetooth device when there are many in same area? When many wireless devices are in the same vicinity, use the Serial Device Manager (SDM) libraries and the iPhone built-in NFC reader to instantly connect to the exact specific device. Here the DEX Download app on iPhone-11 is incorporates the SDM libraries, and the "Connect via NFC" option enables you to simply hold the iPhone built-in NFC reader near the BlueSnap dongle, and get a wireless connection without guesswork or checking labels.  The wireless DEX session can then be done…
Suppose you have many active wireless devices, how do you determine which device you want to connect with? iScanBrowser (and other iOS & Android apps) provides the ability to make instant wireless connection to BlueSnap M6A wireless RS-232 serial adapter1 using the built-in NFC reader on iOS & Android phones. Once connected, RFID, Barcode, scale, caliper, sensor readings can be posted directly to webpages without any need to tap to get focus. 1BlueSnap M6A needs the NFC-Connect option
idChamp DX1 durable, waterproof, wireless livestock and pet RFID reader/writer works with iOS, Android, Windows10, MacOS. Post RFID reads directly to cursor location on any app. Scripting possible for some platforms. Works with iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 14, iPhone 15,...  
How to read RFID-NFC access control badges, tags, chips with iPod Touch Read low-frequency (LF) and high-frequency (HF) access control badges with wireless connection to iPod-Touch using the idChamp® brand NF4x RFID-NFC wireless badge reader. Read HITAG1, HITAG2, PROX, ioPROX, Indala, FeliCa, SecuraKey, Tag-It ISO-14443A, ISO-14443B, ISO-15693, CASI-RUSCO, ReadyKey, AWID, Dimpna, Cotag, Corbin Russwin, Deister, DIGITAG, EM 410x (4100, 4102, 4105, 4200), NDEF data, and more. …
SerialMagic (Keys) Scripts for MacOS connects wireless and cabled RFID-NFC readers/writers, barcode scanners, scales, calipers, sensors to MacOS devices. SerialMagic (Keys) Scripts replaces SerialMagic Professional OS X. Example video shows idChamp® brand NF4x RFID-NFC wireless badge reader posting readings to MacBookPro. Read access control badges like low-frequency (LF) PROX, HITAG1, HITAG2 and high-frequency (HF) like DESFire, iCLASS, Tag-It. Also reading NDEF data and open Sarfari to the URL stored on the RFID-NFC chip. Read virtually…
How do you know what RFID-NFC chip model-type to use for your NFC project? There are hundreds of models, some more popular shown below. What read & write range is needed? What material will RFID-NFC tag be applied to, or inserted in? How much data needs to be stored? What read & write speed is required? Read range is often an important parameter in choosing type of RFID-NFC chip. Video below shows the read range of NTAG213 vs SLIX2 chips in tiny rigid PCB NFC tags (4.8mm square, 1.8mm thick). This type of tag is available in reel form for use with Pick-and-Place machines for…
Connect idChamp® NF4 Wireless RFID-NFC Badge Reader to Chromebook. Post badge reads as keystrokes to any application on Chromebook. NF4 reads HID PROX, ioProx, Micro Prox, iClass SEOS, Elite, Indala, ISO14443A, MIFARE, DESFire, Ultralight, Topaz ISO14443B, ISO15693, ICODE SLI, SLIX, Tag-it, AWID, CASI-RUSCO, EM4100, iClass/Elite/Indala etc.) All Standard Card Types, Nexwatch Wireless RFID-NFC badge reader for Chromebook
React Native iOS apps can support iOS certified Scanfob® & idChamp® brand RFID-NFC and barcode scanners and BlueSnap M6A wireless RS232 devices like scales, sensors, meters using Serialio.com's SDM (Serial Device Manager) libraries.
React Native iOS  apps can support iOS certified Scanfob® & idChamp® brand RFID-NFC and barcode scanners and BlueSnap M6A wireless RS232 devices like scales, sensors, calipers, meters, etc.