Remote Support Instructions for Android

These instructions are for our customers who required a Serialio technician to be able to access their Android phone or tablet remotely for support, configuration/setup, or troubleshooting. As of December 2017, Serialio will be using a new remote assistance tool (Splashtop SOS) for remote access. However, Android requires a few extra setup steps. This article demonstrates how to properly setup your Android phone or tablet to receive remote support from a Serialio technician. Note that not all Android devices or manufacturers support remote control. However, the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and most other Samsung phones and tablets support remote control.

1. Download Splashtop SOS from the Google Play Store.

2. Launch Splashtop SOS.

3. Tap on CONFIGURE.


5. Splashtop will forward you to the Device Administrator view. Tap on ACTIVATE to allow remote control of your Android device.

6. Next, you'll see the KLMS Agent view. Agree to the terms and conditions, then tap on CONFIRM.

7. It may take a moment, but you will see that Device admin and Knox license are both ready.

8. Tap on your Android's back button to exit to the main view of the Splashtop SOS application.


9. You'll see a 9 digit number. Provide this number to the Serialio technician you are working with.