How to Reset Your Scanner

If your Serialio Scanfob Brand Barcode Scanner is having problems sending data, connecting or is behaving in an unexpected manner, try resetting it. You will find instructions for performing a "reset" on various Scanfobs in the table below. If you continue to have issues after resetting your Scanfob, contact Serialio's support team.

Scanfob Reset Method
Scanfob 3002i Method A
Scanfob 4000i & 4000n Method A
Scanfob 2006 Method A
KeyBatch BR2 Method A
Scanfob Ultra-BB2 Method B
Scanfob NFC-BB2 Method B
Scanfob qID Mini Method C



Method A

Hold down BOTH the large and small buttons on the Scanfob simultaneously for 30 seconds. You will see a red LED and hear a single-tone beep upon completion. Click here to view a video of this method used with the Scanfob 2006!


Method B

Hold down the power button for six seconds. If your device is still unresponsive, let the battery drain completely and then charge it and try again.


Method C

Hold down BOTH buttons simultaneously for six seconds, then release.

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