Fix for unresponsive BlueSnap Smart

This support article provides instructions on how to pair the Scanfob 2006 Bluetooth barcode scanner (as the master) with the BlueSnap standard Bluetooth to RS-232 adapter (as the slave) via SPP mode. For this tutorial, we will be configuring the Scanfob 2006 as the Bluetooth master and the BlueSnap as the Bluetooth slave. After you pair the Scanfob and the BlueSnap in this way, you can create a barcode of the BlueSnap's MAC address that you can scan (with the paired Scanfob 2006) any time you want to connect to the BlueSnap.

If the Scanfob 2006 begins to beep repeatedly instead of connecting to the BlueSnap, follow these instructions.

1. Turn off the Scanfob 2006's Bluetooth radio. You can do this by holding down the small square button for 5-10 seconds or until the blue LED stops flashing.

2. Scan these control codes.

3. Scan the BlueSnap's MAC address barcode again.

If this does not resolve the problem, make sure that the BlueSnap's authentication is OFF (sa,0) and that the BlueSnap's PIN code is set to 1234 (sp,1234). You can verify these settings by connecting the BlueSnap to a terminal, entering command mode ($$$), and sending the following commands:

sp, 1234

Configure the Scanner

Your Bluetooth scanner can be configured to pair with the BlueSnap in one of two ways. The first way is to set the remote address of the Scanfob to the BlueSnap's MAC address so that the two devices will automatically connect to one another. The second way is to print out a barcode of the BlueSnap's MAC address. Each time this barcode is scanned, the scanner will pair with the BlueSnap. The latter method is best for environments where you have multiple BlueSnap and scanners and you don't want to have to keep track of which devices are pre-paired.

With Auto-Connect

To configure your BlueSnap to automatically connect to your Bluetooth scanner, see our article on using the BlueSnap Setup feature: How to Pair Your Scanfob with a BlueSnap Adapter |

With a Connect Barcode

1. Navigate to Serialio's Free Barcode Generator.

2. For the Encoding, select "Code 128."

3. Select "Generate control codes for Scanfobs & KDC brand scanners."

4. Paste the BlueSnap's MAC address (from the "GB" command) into the first field labeled "Barcodes."

Optionally, you can label the barcode to the BlueSnaps name. For example, "BlueSnap-A3T9."

5. Click "Generate."

6. Print out the barcode and scan it with your Bluetooth barcode scanner to pair with the BlueSnap.