How to configure the BlueSnap RS-232 to Bluetooth adapter

This guide will walk you through the process of configuring your BlueSnap module with a serial communication terminal on Windows. There are many serial communication terminals available, including JavaTerm and YAT. For this tutorial, we will be using YAT (Yet Another Terminal) on a Windows 10 PC. YAT is a free and open source and can be downloaded from the YAT SourceForge project page.

You will need the following for this tutorial:

1. Using an RS-232 to USB adapter cable (and NULL modem, if necessary), plug your BlueSnap into your PC (personal computer).

2. Power on your BlueSnap by holding down the red power button for approximately three seconds.

Prepare the Terminal

1. Once your BlueSnap is ready to go, launch the YAT program.

2. Our BlueSnap adapters ship with the following configurations (unless a customer has requested otherwise, such as with the Caliper Firmware add-on). Configure YAT accordingly and select the COM port assigned to your BlueSnap.

Baud/Bit Rate 115200
Data Bits 8
Parity None
Stop Bits 1
Flow Control XOn/XOff

3. Once you have configured the New Terminal window to communicate with your BlueSnap, click "OK."

4. Now we must adjust a few more settings for the terminal. From the top menu-bar, click on "Terminal."

5. From the Terminal drop-down menu, click on "Settings..."

6. From the Terminal Settings window, click "Text Settings..."

7. By default, YAT will encode the transmissions with Western European 1252.

8. You must change this to ASCII (ISO646-US) to communicate with your BlueSnap.

9. Once you have adjusted the encoding, click "OK."

10. Click on "Advanced Settings."

These advanced settings are optional. The ones I changed are highlighted in red.

11. Click "OK" on the Advanced Terminal Settings window and then again on the Terminal Settings window.

12. From the main screen, notice the connection status and the data transfer rates (if you did not enable "Show connect time" and "Show count and rate" you will only see the connection status.)


Configure the BlueSnap with YAT

1. From the main terminal window, type "$$$" into the "Send Text" line. To send the command you can press the Enter key, press the F3 key or click on "Send Text (F3)."

2. You are now in command mode. You can now enter the desired configurations for your BlueSnap.

3. If you need help recalling commands or command syntax, type "h" into the terminal. This will list all of the BlueSnap commands and their function(s).