How to Switch from Bluetooth-SPP Mode to Bluetooth-HID (Keyboard) Mode


Unpair Your Scanner

Before you switch Bluetooth modes, it's important to make sure that your scanner is unpaired from any devices. To completely unpair your Serialio Bluetooth barcode scanner from Android, follow the instructions in this article: How to Unpair Your Device from Android (SerialMagic Gears).

Reset Your Scanner

As a precautionary step, you can reset your scanner to its default settings before you switch Bluetooth modes. Find out how to reset your scanner here: How to Reset Your Scanfob.

This step is optional and by no means required.

Configure Your Scanner for HID Mode

Once your scanner is 100% unpaired from all devices, you are ready to switch to HID mode.

1. Make sure that your scanner is NOT discoverable. To make sure that your scanner's Bluetooth radio is off, you can scan the "Disconnect & Radio Off" barcode from the Quick Start Guide that came with your device.

2. Scan the control code labeled "Keyboard-HID." Some Quick Start Guides may have this code labeled slightly different, such as "Bluetooth-HID" or "Bluetooth-Keyboard."

3. Scan the control code labeled "Make Discoverable & Connectable."

4. Launch your Android Settings app and navigate to Bluetooth Settings.

Note: You cannot use SerialMagic Gears while in HID mode. Do not try.

5. Tap on your scanner's Bluetooth name when it appears in your Android Bluetooth Settings.

6. Once paired, launch your proprietary reseller app.

You may have to tap in the barcode/ISBN field before scanning a barcode. This is just the nature of using the scanner in Bluetooth-HID mode.

Make Your Workflow Easier

Many customers immediately notice the different between SPP and HID mode. There is no software layer (such as SerialMagic Gears) to configure prefixes and suffixes or to modify the scan data before sending it to other applications. One of the most notible effects of this is that you may not immediately see the corresponding data after scanning, instead you have to tap "Enter," "Go" or "Search." Not all is lost though. Here are some control codes to set up your scanner's prefixes and suffixes so that you don't have to tap "Go" every time. Click each link to print the corresponding control codes.

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