iScanBrowser for Android User Guide

iScanBrowser is a powerful tool used to scan data into web applications on an Android device. You can set up Web Form Rules to automatically select a field to import data, which allows you to avoid the need to tap the field as the focal point for the cursor. This is useful when you need to scan data quickly without using the Android device’s interface. 

  • Set your homepage
  • Set the start page
  • Manage bookmarks and browsing history
  • Enable always showing the address bar

Web Form Rules (WFR)

  • About Web Form Rules
  • Create a Web Form Rule with the Wizard
  • Create a Web Form Rule without the Wizard
  • Manage Web Form Rules
    • Prioritize Web Form Rules
    • Remove a Web Form Rule
    • Disable a Web Form Rule
  • Edit Web Form Rules
    • Target input
      • Define the URL before/after the scan
      • Tap field for data to post in
      • Post data field where the cursor is
      • Scan value is the URL
    • Call method
    • Click element
    • Only if empty
    • Prompt for quantity after the scan
    • Simulate submit
    • Apply for URL
  • Web Form Rule settings
    • Setup a no-match sound
    • Restore the default WFRs (warning)


Appearance Settings

Security Settings


Scan Settings