About Anti-Metal Tags

Anti-metal tags are specialized RFID tags that can be read from conductive surfaces, such as metal (something that regular tags can't do).

The Problem

Before you understand the problem, you need to understand how RFID tags work — When an RFID reader scans a tag, it sends a radio-frequency electromagnetic field that powers the tag (passive tags) and allows the RFID reader to communicate with the tag. The problem arises when the RFID tag is fixed to a conductive surface, such a s metal. The conductive surface alters the electromagnetic field created by the RFID reader so that the RFID tag isn't able to use the electromagnetic field to communicate with the reader. 

Regular RFID tag on a NON-conductive surface

Regular RFID tag on conductive surface

The Solution

Anti-metal RFID tags are embedded with a sheet of ferrite that is placed between the RFID tag and the adhesive backing of the tag. The ferrite works to reduce the amount of interference caused by the metal (or other conductive) surface. Ferrite is an iron-containing, ceramic-like material with unique magnetic properties that result in a high magnetic permeability and high electrical resistance.

Anti-metal RFID tag on conductive surface

Next Steps

If you're interested in using metal-metal tags with your solution, Serialio has you covered! You can purchase the anti-metal tags directly from our online store or you can contact our solutions team to learn more about anti-metal tags and if they're right for you.