How to adjust the sleep timer on the idChamp RS3

You can adjust the sleep timer for the idChamp RS3 Reader to allow for a longer timeout period or disable it completely. To do so, you will need a USB-RS232 adapter and a terminal program such as TeraTerm or PuTTY. Follow the steps below to configure this timeout period (all typed commands will be without the quotes and followed by the enter key):


For DIP switch banks S3 and S2:

RS3 DIP Switches S3 and S2

For DIP switch banks S4 and S5:

RS3 DIP Switches S4 and S5

1. Set the DIP switches for Windows Bluetooth configuration mode (S2/S3 left, S4/S5 right)   

2. Plug the RS2 into your USB-RS232 adapter and connect to your terminal tool  

3. Type '$$$' to enter CMD mode  

4. Type 'S:,65535' to set the sleep timer to the max - you should see an AOK response (this command is used to enter the timeout period in seconds - 65535 will disable the timer)

5. Validate the settings by typing 'o' - results of o command below

***OTHER Settings***

•  Profile= SPP

•  CfgChar= $

•  SniffEna= 100

•  LowPower= 0

•  TX Power= 0

•  IOPorts= 0

•  IOValues= 0

•  Sleeptmr=-1

•  LowBatt= 1899

•  DebugMod= 0

•  RoleSwch= 0

6. If these settings are correct type 'r,1' to save the settings and reboot the device


The following two cables (or proper substitutes) are required to make the update outlined on this page:
BlueSnap Bridge cable MicroUSB to RS-232 DB9 female
Adapter USB to RS-232 with power on PIN9 option