Setup SerialMagic Keys for Android

This support article demonstrates how to enable SerialMagic Keys and how to set SerialMagic Keys as the default keyboard.*

*Since the process for setting the default keyboard varies widely between different Android devices, we've created several guides for the most popular Android devices: click here to view the index of these pages.

1. Tap on the three horizontal lines (hamburger menu) located at the upper left-hand corner of the main screen of SerialMagic Gears to display the sidebar menu. Alternatively, you can swipe from the left edge of the screen to the center of the screen to reveal the sidebar menu.

SerialMagic Gears hamburger options menu

2. Tap on "Settings."

SerialMagic gears sidebar menu - settings

3. Tap on "SerialMagic Keys."

SerialMagic Gears settings - SerialMagic keys

4. Notice that the slider to the far right of SerialMagic Keys is grey (disabled). Tap on it to enable it.

SerialMagic Gears - enable SerialMagic Keys
SerialMagic Keys - toggled ON (enabled)

5. Tap on "SerialMagic Keys Settings."

6. You will see a pop-up labeled "SerialMagic GearSet Options." Tap on "Yes."

Tapping on Yes will take you to Android's settings so that you can enable SerialMagic Keys as a keyboard option. To view step-by-step instructions on this process, click here: how to set SerialMagic Keys as the default keyboard (various Android models as examples).