What Are the Warranty Periods of Serialio Products?


Standard Product Warranties

Product Category Product Standard Warranty
Barcode Scanners Scanfob® 2006, 3002i & 4000i/n Up to 2 years
Other Barcode Scanners 1 year
RFID Readers idChamp® RS3, RS4, DX1 & NF2 1 year
Scanfob® Ultra-BB2 & NFC-BB2
Scanfob® qID Mini
Other RFID Readers
Adapters BlueSnap Adapters 1 year
WiSnap Adapters
Battery Replacements 90 days


Standard Warranty Exceptions

  • • Some products, such as the Scanfob® 2006 Barcode Scanner, may be purchased at a discount for a decreased warranty period (typically 6-months or 1-year).
  • • Reconditioned or used products come with a 6-month warranty, instead of the standard warranty.