We are a multinational agrochemical company using Scanfob® brand UHF scanners to accurately track plant growth for research. Without the Scanfob® UHF scanner, accurately tracking over 200,000 RFID tags in 7 weeks would be impossible.
Sarah S.
A Multinational Agrochemical Company
Researching how to get my DISTO E7500i to connect with my iPhone and all roads lead to Serialio.com.  SerialMagic Keys for iOS connects my DISTO E7500i to iOS, allowing me to post-laser distance measurements directly into Excel, on my iPad and iPhone. SerialMagic Keys also posts measurements to all apps, not just Excel.
B. Faubion
I found the Scanfob® 3002i 2D barcode scanner to be better, faster, more flexible and more conveniently sized than the TEEMI TMSL-50.  Since the TMSL-50 was unusable for our application, it was well worth the price difference.
Steve M.
Granite Construction
I have been successfully using the Cloud-in-hand® mobile app on iPad / iPhone / iOS since 2012 to run a bicycle valet service in Portland Oregon. We have parked and returned over 50,000 bicycles per year using this system.
Kiel Johnson
SerialIO has been so convenient and useful in helping me maintain our stores inventory with Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Grid. It is easy keeping track of on hand items and adding new items to our system. The GUI is excellent!
Ruben Collazo
We at Willy Street Co-op really love the Scanfob and SerialMagic Gears. We use the Scanfob with an Android tablet in a retail environment and it is a quarter of the cost of an RF gun. We tried to use the camera scanner on the tablet but it couldn't capture all the different symbologies. The Scanfob 2006 and SerialMagic Gears have been a significant financial and operational improvement for us.
Director of IT, Willy Street Co-op
SerialMagic Professional for Windows has proven an essential piece of the livestock breeding mainentence plan at JHL Ranch in Ashby, Nebraska. Ranch hands are now able to process around 80 cows per hour, sometimes for up to 5 hours straight!  The SerialMagic software solution is intuitive and easy to use, making it easy to achieve increased efficiency, accuracy, and a much more productive workplace. Click the link to view the entire SerialMagic with Allflex in Farms Case Study to learn more about exactly how this solution is being used in the…
A recent addition was made to our security department, using the KDC200 mobile wireless laser barcode scanner with Grid-In-Hand® Mobile Grid software. This has taken our security department to a new level of patrol quality and performance. Our security personnel are required to perform 17 preventative maintenance tasks and safety Inspections throughout the work week along with their directed patrol duties. This was beginning to become a very tedious record keeping process and time-consuming work process when having to carry a clipboard with you everywhere you go. We have now bar coded…
Tim Sisk
Le Sueur Inc
My company provides bicycle valet service in Portland Oregon. Bicycle valet is a very new industry in the United States so we had to the opportunity to start from scratch to develop a system to check in and out bicycles. We choose to use Serialio.com to provide our solution with Grid-In-Hand® Mobile Grid iOS app, and the idChamp RS2 NFC reader. Their customer service is fast, professional, and have always helped us to solve any problems. Here is a video showing how we have integrated out idChamp RS2 NFC reader into our valet service.
Kiel Johnson
Business Owner
We recently implemented a prototype for a cold-chain management and food traceability system using temperature-sensing RFID sensor. Serialio.com helped us put the solution together. The system keeps track of the temperature and location of each tag, and uploads them to a server which is accessible from the internet. We used the Grid-In-Hand® Mobile Grid app running on an Android phone to upload the data. The solution was cutting-edge in that used pre-production samples of temperature-sensing RFID tags from Wavetrend, a UK-based RFID company. Beyond the fact that the…
Sanjay Sengupta
Fortune 1000 Chip Maker