Testimonials For BlueSnap Solutions

I wanted to thank you on your exemplary support getting us working with AND Scale model GP60K on iOS. Your support personnel helped me step-by-step get me to understand how to get the AND scale readings posted using the BlueSnap M6A wireless RS-232 solution posting data as keystrokes using SerilaMagic Keys for iPad & iPhone. Your support was always available, and responded quickly to my issues and was able to clearly articulate what I needed to do to fix my issues. Your solution is specialized and unique and I am thankful that you guys are out there. Thanks again for…
Sam Stratigeas
IT Administrator, Aromatics + Flavors Inc
We use the BlueSnap-XP is used to communicate remotely with a motor controller that interfaces with a submersible pumping system in an oil well. The system allows the operator to receive downhole sensor readings, start and stop the motor, and change settings on the motor controller; including frequency, alarm settings, and shutdown criteria; all from inside a trailer roughly 40 feet away from the surface equipment for the well.
Applications Engineer
I could not believe how easy it was to get the BlueSnap-AAA RS-232 serial Bluetooth Dongle to connect to and work with our Bluetooth enabled Sokkia Total Stations Surveying Equipment and HP50g calculator. Fully functional in 30 minutes out of the box (I budgeted 30-40 hours based on past experience with other technology products). It is absolutely fantastic!
Wayne Diver-Tuck
JBW Surveyors Pty Ltd, Australia
I use the BlueSnap AAA Bluetooth Dongle to configure & troubleshoot Cisco equipment within large local deployments. Because of the short Cisco Console-Cable, I’m often limited where I have to stand and there is not always power when my notebook battery is empty. The battery operated BlueSnap AAA Bluetooth RS-232 dongle gives me the possibility to work from one place where it’s convenient and just move the dongle from one system to another.
Lukas Krattiger
NextiraOne Schweiz GmbH
Our company develops and markets technology for the knowledge of water (hydric resources) we purchased the BlueSnap Standard Bluetooth Dongles from SerialIO.com to be directly integrated onto the board of our equipment, which connects to an iPAQ 110 PDA that is used to take real-time data. Once installed, the devices have worked well without any issues.
Alejandro Carvajal
Amazonas Technologies S.A., Colombia
I purchased a BlueSnapXP Bluetooth Dongle with a 4" Long-Range Antenna last fall. My experience with your product has been great, I used it to retrofit a very expensive GPS Correction unit so I'm able to eliminate many feet of cables. I have had no problems with the BlueSnap, the range and battery life of the product have been great. Thank you for providing a product as advertised.
Chad Sexton
I recently purchased a new BlueSnap Bluetooth Module and the new version of SerialMagic Pro. I contacted tech support to help set up the BlueSnapmodule. He walked me through each problem I had and I am now using it problem free. Also, I must say that the new version of SerialMagic Pro is very intuitive and user-friendly. I like the new tray icon which shows when the scanner is connected to the blue tooth module by changing what it displays. Thank you, I really appreciate everything.
James Olson
I use the BlueSnap with a piece of field equipment called a PowerAIM 120  which communicates with a laptop computer via RS-232.   With Bluetooth already built-in to the laptop using the BlueSnap Standard  to get rid of the cable was a no-brainer. I’d definitely buy one again and have been referring business associates to your company to buy these for their own purposes.  Serialio's BlueSnap Standard is perfect.
Mark Mueller
Mueller Broadcast Design
I purchased the BlueSnapXP Bluetooth Dongle because as a Network Engineer for a growing company, I find myself up on a ladder or in some sort of lift working in the ceiling of a warehouse or production facility, programming some type of switch or access point.  I also have a great fear of heights.  The BlueSnapXP allows me to go up the ladder, plug the Bluetooth module into the network equipment, then work on the programming safely with both feet on the ground. No more standing on a ladder balancing my laptop in one hand and typing with the other. One of the…
Troy Backus
Network Engineer, Berry Plastics Corp.
We use both the BlueSnap-AAA Bluetooth Dongle & the BlueSnapXP DTR Bluetooth Dongle to connect our Sokkia electronic total stations to our HP50g calculators for field data collection. The BlueSnap-AAA Bluetooth Dongle is used for short-range connections from our HP50g calculators to our Sokkia total survey stations that have inbuilt short-range Bluetooth capabilities. The BlueSnapXP DTR Bluetooth Dongle is used for long-range connections from our HP50g calculators to our Sokkia total survey stations. In this case, the BlueSnapXP DTR …
Wayne Diver-Tuck
Director, JBW Surveyors Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia