Testimonials For Scanfob® Brand Scanners

We are a multinational agrochemical company using Scanfob® brand UHF scanners to accurately track plant growth for research. Without the Scanfob® UHF scanner, accurately tracking over 200,000 RFID tags in 7 weeks would be impossible.
Sarah S.
A Multinational Agrochemical Company
I found the Scanfob® 3002i 2D barcode scanner to be better, faster, more flexible and more conveniently sized than the TEEMI TMSL-50.  Since the TMSL-50 was unusable for our application, it was well worth the price difference.
Steve M.
Granite Construction
We saved 2.5 to 3 days time by scanning the inventory as opposed to manually entering it. Even better we saved $4,200 for the three handheld material transaction scanning units. I recently implemented wireless scanning of inventory. Our ERP software uses a web interface to input data into the inventory. Upon initial research, I was distraught by the costs of the Motorola and dolphin wireless barcode scanners. At $2,000 and up it was a tough sell to get the number of scanners I needed. Then I found Serialio.com and their Scanfob® Brand Bluetooth barcode…
Michael Taylor
IT Manager, STI
We use Scanfob® 3002i wireless barcode reader with iPads & iPods for railroad car inspection. The scanner is excptional fast and reliable providing us complete accuracy scanning barcode seals on tops and bottoms of railroad cars. We also appreciate the excellent inspection software solution provided by Serialio.com and how it provides a seamless solution with the iPad. A single inspection error can cost over $6,000 so we really appreciate the accuracy and ease-of-use of the rail car inspection solution.
Kevin M.
Director of Major Grain Company
Your Scanfob® Brand Scanner product is working great. We are pleased at the easy setup and use of the scanner with our iPhone programs. It has tremendously increased our productivity and customer service within our organization. We are sure that our inventory accountability will be more accurate since using the Scanfob® Brand Scanners over the old system and we are satisfied that they will last us for a long time. Your customer-oriented attitude and reliability are what we looked for in purchasing your product and commend you on a job well done. If our need for further…
Robert Drewry
Warehouse Supervisor/Buyer, Onslow County Schools Distribution Center
We have a greenhouse propagation data recording system. Previously it involved lugging around a laptop and a corded barcode scanner. The corded (USB) scanner behaved poorly in bright sunlight, and the cord always managed to drag on and disturb small seedlings. We wanted to move all the data collection and note-taking functions to an easy to use system on iPhone / iPad and wanted to get a better barcode scanner. Our first attempt involved a Baracoda Pencil2 Bluetooth barcode wand scanner, thinking that using a wand would eliminate the bright ambient light problem, but actually, the wand had a…
Troy Meyers
Our company developed oneScan™, a new warehouse scanning solution that runs on the iPad™ and needed to find a reliable, cost-effective scanner to recommend to our customers. We purchased a Scanfob® 200x to test with our software and were pleased to find it worked brilliantly on the iPad™. The Serialio support team's knowledge and the high level of customer service they provided were more than enough to prove to me that we had found not only the right product but also the right company to pair with the software solutions we provide to our customers. We look…
Brian Billingsley
Technical Director, Online One
Streetlight.Vision is a software company providing SmartGrid and Intelligent Streetlight applications to cities in order to drastically reduce energy usage on city electricity networks, automatically identify failures and remote control any equipment in the city. The initial step of installing our solutions is to inventory and register properly the electronic devices which are installed in the streets and buildings in the city. The Scanfob® 200xBluetooth barcode reader is simply the best choice: simple and efficient, robust and small device, on top of an excellent and very reactive…
Christophe Orceau
General Manager, Streetlight.Vision
I have been using the Scanfob® 2002 Mobile Wireless Scanner that I purchased 2 weeks ago, and it has been working really great for my purpose so far. I love the size and its scanning speed. I use the Scanfob® 2002 for book scouting. I normally scout for books, but also use it to scan book barcodes to better organize my inventory. The product is fantastic and worth every penny. I really love it.
I use the Scanfob® 2002 paired with my EVO Android cellphone allowing me to become more than a book scouter; I use this dynamic duo with a program called FBAScout. FBA Scout is a mobile product scouting service that provides live pricing data for every item in the Amazon catalog from every category. I have expanded my online business to include toys, electronics, household items, just to mention a few! Now I scan for any item that is profitable. I also want to mention support from Serialio.com is wonderful. They were very helpful and patient with helping me set up my Scanfob 2002.…
Amazon FBA seller