Testimonials For SerialMagic Solutions

Researching how to get my DISTO E7500i to connect with my iPhone and all roads lead to Serialio.com.  SerialMagic Keys for iOS connects my DISTO E7500i to iOS, allowing me to post-laser distance measurements directly into Excel, on my iPad and iPhone. SerialMagic Keys also posts measurements to all apps, not just Excel.
B. Faubion
SerialMagic Professional for Windows has proven an essential piece of the livestock breeding maintenance plan at JHL Ranch in Ashby, Nebraska. Ranch hands are now able to process around 80 cows per hour, sometimes for up to 5 hours straight!  The SerialMagic software solution is intuitive and easy to use, making it easy to achieve increased efficiency, accuracy, and a much more productive workplace.
I ordered the BlueSnap Bluetooth RS-232 adapter from the Serialio.com last week. Got it very quickly, and ran into a couple of smaller issues. I called support a few times for different projects and was very impressed with my experience all the way around. The BlueSnap and SerialMagic are a godsend. It helped us integrate wireless capabilities into a legacy system we have used for years. Your products saved us $10,000+ in development costs.
Brian Schuh
SerialMagic is ahead of the game by providing Vista compatible software for a multitude of Bluetooth devices. We are deploying new handheld salesman devices and had purchased the Socket Mobile CHS7E scanner. Wanting to implement Windows Vista Tablet we found Socket Mobile's included software didn't support Vista but SerialMagic did. Now we can implement the latest technology without having to wait for the manufacture to catch up. Serialio.com's technical support is also impressive, they helped walk me through setting it up over the phone even while only using a trial…
Randy Gohn
Grattan Fastening Products
Serialio offers Great Software, Great Products, and even better customer service. I will not hesitate to recommend Serialio and their SerialMagic software to my colleagues. Serialio offers a truly flexible product that meets our companies scanning needs to a T. Furthermore, after speaking with their technical support, I am confident that Serialio will be able to assist our business needs well into the future.
J. Crofton
International Development Director, Jai Kudo Eyewear
I recently purchased an Intermec SF51 Bluetooth barcode scanner. Intermec told me there was no way that the SF51 would work with a Mac. I can't tell you how pleased I am that the SF51 Bluetooth barcode scanner works on my Mac using SerialMagic Pro for OS X! Continually amazed.
Darron Jeans
Manager and Inventory Specialist
I want to thank you so much! I had spent the last 3 days frustrated and unable to connect my Microvision ROV bluetooth laser barcode scanner to my BlackBerry OS 5 phone. I tried using the "Scanner Wedge" software provided by Microvision and after 2 days of calling and emailing tech support- they finally concluded that their software was not compatible with my Blackberry OS 5 phone! I was about to send the scanner back figuring there was no way to make it work. I then contacted Serialio.com support line and within 10 minutes the Serialio.com SerialMagic Professional software was…
Melissa Granke
Spitzer Autoworld
We are using SerialMagic Professional on an Intermec CN3e HH to collect data from a LAND CYCLOPS 100B high temp pyrometer. When we check our furnace temps we are required to shoot the tube temps inside the furnaces. SerialMagic allows one person to do the work that previously required 2 people
Thank you for a great product! We are using SerialMagic Professional with an Intermec SR61 handheld cordless Bluetooth scanner. We scan data into OpenOffice on a Mac under OSX 10.5 (Leopard release). We will be buying a few more licenses for all our users who have an occasion to use the scanners. It works perfectly! Your SerialMagic software is the Key!
Dan Butzer
Sun Microsystems
SerialMagic is a core part of our business. McAfee had improperly marked the SerialMagic program so I sent an email to Serialio.com, and in 10 minutes I got a reply. That’s good stuff. Plus, while I was working with McAfee on the issue Serialio.com was too. I love that. Not only did Serialio.com point me in the right direction, you FOLLOWED UP! That is very important in this field of work. Thank you very much for all your help. With out you guys our International Airports would not function.
Mike Hall
Information Technology, Allegiant Air