We currently have about 80 mobile service engineers using SerialMagic Pro software which enables the communication between our LaserChamp scanners with Qtec V1620 PDA's. All of our company's service operations and parts are bar coded and the engineers use the equipment to complete electronic 'job card's'. We are very happy with the Serial Magic software. It is very easy to install and set up and we find it very reliable in day to day use.
Kevin Stilwell
Principal Engineer, Marshall Fleet Solutions
Thank you for your quick and efficient service getting our order to us - far better than we are used to in the UK and consequently far beyond my expectations! I will recommend you to everyone I know! Many many thanks!
Brian Hood
I use an RFID reader from Allflex and SerialMagic to scan tags into an Excel spread sheet. SerialMagic works great, I am very happy!
Andrew Kellom
I initially purchased "Delicious Library" application packaged with a ROV barcode scanner. I was disappointed with the software. I needed something to inventory my recording studio and production company. I'm now using the ROV scanner, "SerialMagic" and FileMaker Pro to create my own barcodes for equipment and media here at the studio along with a PTouch labeler for barcode printing. SerialMagic Professional seamlessly interfaces the ROV Bluetooth scanner to FileMaker on my MacBook.
Pro. David Shaw
Radio Active Productions
I learned about the LaserMagic bundle through a friend of mine who highly recommended it. Since I could never get the CueCat, that came with Readerware, to work I purchased the LaserChamp. Initially, I had some trouble pairing SerialMagic with the LaserChamp but after speaking with Dan, in tech support, I got it all worked out.  The program is awesome.
Sophie Carmichael
I work for a government agency and learned about SerialMagic from Allflex. I use SerialMagic with an Allflex RFID reader as well as a Farnam Panel Reader System. I found SerialMagic easy to use and it only took me a few minutes to set it up.
J. E.
Government Agency
We purchased the LaserMagic II Bluetooth Professional Windows Mobile bundle with SerialMagic for testing purposes.  We are a software developer.  We sell business management software to the Green industry - Landscape Contractors, Landscape Maintenance, Nurseries and Retail Garden Centers.  Our product is called SLICEplus. Some of our applications include the use of a handheld Pocket PC and scanning in barcodes for inventory items.  We combine the LaserChamp II Bluetooth scanner, the customer's choice of a Pocket PC with Windows Mobile and our…
John Sherwin
Slice Technologies
Thanks heaps for your info. I don't deal with software like this often, so I really appreciate a step by step guide to save me stumbling along from hurdle to hurdle. SerialMagic is installed and working fine now - we are using it to send data from digital calipers to an IP67 Palm.
Rodney Roberts
I built a custom Filemaker Pro asset management system for all of our computers, printers, faxes, cell phones, etc here at Cubist. One of my help desk techs went around, using the LaserChamp Bluetooth scanner and SerialMagic Pro along with a T-Mobile WIZA 200 equipped with WM5, to locate every asset in our company (900+ items) and zap them all into our database.  Now, any asset that comes into our department or leaves, gets tagged at the door by the scanner and its destination put in.  Full asset management!
Nathan McBride
I use the LaserChamp scanner and SerialMagic in combination with Readerware to scan books. I have about 60,000 - 75,000 books that I want to catalog. I wanted an affordable scanner that I could bring around with me that was not connected to a computer and so far the LaserChamp has worked very nicely!
LaRae Roe