The USB-RS232 drivers installed properly on my Mac OSX 10.2 (17" G4 laptop) and your serial lib works splendidly allowing me to talk to an Eventide DSP7000 via serial on a Mac!
Allan Hoeltje
The Serialio package has given my Java programming a whole new dimension. Thank you for making this possible.
Just wanted to say that I just purchased the Mac SerialPort package, and it does everything I needed. Thanks for supporting the Mac platform! 
SerialPort is a Nice API, much nicer than javax.comm, especially the Modem utility class and the SnoopLoop. 
Dave Rosky
I got SerialPort on Friday night, had it integrated into our app by noon on Saturday. I must say, the documentation is Superb, the sample application source code is very enlightening.
Ken Klask
We tried implementing the Sun Comm API package but had problems on our SPARC-V9 64-bit Solaris 2.6 machine. SerialPort provided the solution we needed. 
Stephen Young
I've been extremely pleased with your software - it's well designed, well documented, and it works. We've been using it extensively with a multi-port RS-232 board and it's performed flawlessly. 
P. Cornelius
We had an application thread running within Tomcat 4 on Windows 2000 that read data from a set of barcode readers, calculated statistics, and logged results to a Jini service using RMI. The combination of Tomcat's multiple classloaders and RMI's need for a security manager caused the Sun comm drivers to fail. Dropping in the Serialio.com drivers solved the problem without any code changes required. And being able to purchase online and download instantly let us get the installation running right at the client site at 9:30 on a Friday night. 
Greg Trasuk
President StratusCom Manufacturing Systems Inc.
I have used SerialPort in our product and have absolutely no problems with it. I Wish that was true of other products.
We had problems getting the 'standard' Sun javax.comm.SerialPort API working, so we rewrote our driver to use the SerialPort API directly and now it works. Guess we'll have to change our 'standards' :)
Luc Snijers