We had problems getting the 'standard' Sun javax.comm.SerialPort API working, so we rewrote our driver to use the SerialPort API directly and now it works. Guess we'll have to change our 'standards' :)
Luc Snijers
After going through a few other 3rd party serial solutions for our J++ application, we tried SerialPort. Our custom hardware runs at high baud rates and we were having problems with buffer overflows. SerialPort gave us the control we needed and has been rock solid. When considering a port to C#, we found we were able to use IKVM to compile the SerialPort jar directly into a .NET assembly and it's worked without a hitch. Today we continue to cross-compile our Java libraries that use SerialPort to .NET through IKVM and are very pleased with its performance.
Chris Morris
I love your product. You have one very happy customer in me. I use SerialPort for Java in Robot control applications, and it has been a joy to work with, and saved me no end of time.
Not only did the software work well, the service provided by your company was outstanding. Thanks for a very good product. 
Richard Baldwin
I just bought your API which solved some performance issues compared to Sun's COMM API. Unbelievable that a read() call took 200 ms with Sun's API.
Henrik Maier
FOCUS Software Engineering
Your product has solved the performance problems that I was faced with using the RXTX Java Serial comm package on OSX 
Steven Humphrey
I like JeTerm's ease of configuration. I had it set for our own unique parameters to interface with our Cisco devices in less than 40 seconds after install. I also like the ability to split the send and receive screens. I wish this feature existed on Hyperterminal, Putty, and SecureCRT.
Jeff Embry
Your SerialPort code is great...saved me months of work!
Chris Robson
Bell Atlantic
We built a javax.comm application, but the Sun libraries were not working properly, and we could not get anyone at Sun to help. Their forums only revealed that many other folks seemed to have the same problem. We found your SerialPort product, and within minutes of receiving SerialPort, our application was working smoothly! If only everything else could be this easy!!! 
Frederic Rudman
Chatham Software Corp.
We started to develop our UNI VISIONtm software using the Sun's Comm.API (two O.S. supported). Getting Serialio professional product, our software became runnable on 20 Operating Systems without any change. Very efficient, stable and powerful libraries. Thank's for the very high-quality support. 
Luciano Neri
Socomec Group