Not only did SerialPort save me a LOT of time but it is a big reason why my data acquisition system performs so well.
Bob Abbott
We decided to buy SerialPort because we need to use more than four COM ports, and the Sun implementation only supports COM1-COM4 in Windows 98.We are using several multiport USB devices and everything is working nicely with SerialPort. 
John Lowe
We were having a performance problem with Sun's javax.comm implementation. We purchased your product, and got it running with our app using the javax.comm API without any changes to our code. After doing so, we even found a buffer length problem that was not being caught by Sun's comm implementation (This had nothing to do with our performance problem). Apart from this, the performance is now excellent - certainly more like what I would have expected! Our application can continually stream data at 115kb in both directions simultaneously with full error detection and correction.
Milton Taylor
We are about to release our JButtons product which uses the javax.comm.SerialPort. We recommend Serialio to go along with it. We tried Sun's implementation of javax.comm.SerialPort, but gave up. We never got it to work 
Sean Kelley
I just purchased your SerialPort product because I was unable to get the SerialDemo that came with Sun's javax.comm. SerialPort implementation working. After installing SerialPort, their SerialDemo example works with your javax.comm.SerialPort implementation! I'm using IBM's VisualAge for Java Professional on WinNT. 
Steve Zielinski
SerialPort works like a dream.
I am using the Zaurus SerialPort package on an Intrinsyc Cerfboard. It works very well, and it works well.
Stephen, Mueller
We've got the Serialio Java class working in "record breaking time", i.e. it took an amazing 5 minutes to get our Java application to send bytes through the serial port.
Trajano Roberto
Marketing Engineer, Amstras
My company purchased your Serialio, modem and ZModem java products for the Win32 platform a little over a year ago. We implemented them in our production environment, communicating with 5 different sites multiple times each day and have been extremely pleased with their performance.
Jim Rohan
my1040EZ.com, Inc.
Thanks tremendously for your help. I will definitely be recommending your software to everyone I meet who mentions the words serial port and Java in the same sentence.
Dr. Harold Sargent
Biosoft Inc.